Cuz I’m Magic

Sorry for the lack of posts.  We have been up to the regular geeky stuff – playing board games, watching geek tv, listening to cool music and just having fun – but I did not want to post all the regular activities (but maybe I should).  I wanted to wait until we did something special, something magical!

Today I took Sophie and her friend Anisse to a local store, Cuz I’m Magic.  This store specializes in magic tricks and stunts and at 5pm every Monday they invite kids to come down and learn some simple tricks.  Tonight Sophie and Anisse learned how to float a spinning card, they learned two elastic band tricks and they learned one card trick using a full deck of cards.

Anisse did a great job on the spinning card and focused on that part of the evening.  Sophie liked the elastic band tricks and took to them well.  She had a little trouble with the spinning, levitated card but improved throughout the evening.

elastic bands 1 elastic bands 2 trying to elevate her card we have take off


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