Cuz I’m Magic

Sorry for the lack of posts.  We have been up to the regular geeky stuff – playing board games, watching geek tv, listening to cool music and just having fun – but I did not want to post all the regular activities (but maybe I should).  I wanted to wait until we did something special, something magical!

Today I took Sophie and her friend Anisse to a local store, Cuz I’m Magic.  This store specializes in magic tricks and stunts and at 5pm every Monday they invite kids to come down and learn some simple tricks.  Tonight Sophie and Anisse learned how to float a spinning card, they learned two elastic band tricks and they learned one card trick using a full deck of cards.

Anisse did a great job on the spinning card and focused on that part of the evening.  Sophie liked the elastic band tricks and took to them well.  She had a little trouble with the spinning, levitated card but improved throughout the evening.

elastic bands 1 elastic bands 2 trying to elevate her card we have take off


Sculpey time

Today Sophie had her good friend Anisse over for a play date.  I had bought some sculpey modelling clay and we broke it out and modelled away!  Sophie made her version of Taylor Swift, a bird in a nest and some other things, Anisse made some fun looking people, a tree for her earrings and an om symbol for her mother and I made a little R2D2, a Jawa and a mini-Cthulu creature with help from the girls.

DSCI1188     DSCI1186      DSCI1198

DSCI1197     DSCI1192      DSCI1191



A monster of a night

What could be more geeky than spending a night celebrating ghosts and classic monsters!  Last night, Sophie had a friend stay for a sleep over.  They played with Sophie’s iTouch and my wife Pam’s iPad – making home videos and taking pictures of whatever their creative minds could think of…

Later, we cracked open Wolfgang Kramer’s Midnight Party – a very simple, roll and move, musical chairs type board game.  Roll the dice and move your pawns around the hallway until Hugo the ghost arrives from the cellar to chase the players around the hallways.  If you are passed by the ghost you lose points but if you hide in one of the rooms you escape the loss of points.  The player with the most points wins.  Board games, even simple games like Midnight Party, provide an avenue for social engagement, a place to have fun, a place to interact with your friends in person!  Watching young kids play board games, laugh, have fun, and accept winning and losing is a pleasure.  They allow for genuine connections, enthusiastic fun that only helps create an empowered kid.

midnight party

From a ghost we moved on to monsters…after Midnight Party, we turned on a classic (well not quite – but very, very good) movie, Hotel Transylvania.  The kids are too young to introduce to the old horror movies.  Sophie and I chatted about the movie and how it was about a parent letting his daughter go despite his worries about the world.  We also talked about not judging people by their appearance and to be more accepting of others.    What is not geeky about Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolves and Zombies!!


What is a Geek and why this project?

Defining a geek is important for this project to be successful.  So, the following explains a geek in the context of the Geek Kid Project

A typical dictionary definition of a geek is as follows:

an unfashionable or socially inept person.
[usually with modifier] a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast:
a computer geek

However, the definition of a geek has changed over time.  Now geekness is seen as having a cool factor (although still having some social ineptness).  Examples of these types of ‘geeks’ can be seen on the TV hit ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

A venn diagram that I recently came across posits that geeks do not have the social ineptness that is commonly associated with the term geek – these would be nerds.


While the above diagram uses stereotypes, it indicates that geeks usually fixate on activities and hobbies, have a high intelligence but are not necessarily socially inept.  Calling someone a geek is a compliment.  Though, I would never condone anyone using the terms dweeb, nerd or dork to make fun of a person.

Marybeth Hicks’ book Bringing Up Geeks redefines geek.  G.E.E.K. refers to raising a Genuine Enthusiastic Empowered Kid and Hicks inspires parents to help their  kids to break free from cultural conditioning and instead instil important values.


This project is a journal of activities that I have started with other families in our community.  I am very lucky and very proud to belong to a great group of families that socialize together and support each other.  Our children play soccer together, skate together, dance together, go to school together and hang out together  The goal of the Geek Kid Project is to provide experiences for our children that will instill important values, open them to worlds they have little knowledge of, and to make them well rounded individuals.  In many ways it is to give them the opportunity to become future Renaissance Men People; to give them knowledge of the arts, the sciences, the social sciences, while developing their interpersonal skills, through ‘geeky’ activities.

Another goal, that is just as important, is to make us better parents.

This blog will document group activities and individual activities. Hopefully the entries will contain some comments from the kids on what they enjoyed and learned about the activity and also what we as parents learned.

Activities will be geek-centric and these activities include:

  • Reading books
  • Writing books
  • Watching sports
  • Playing sports
  • Watching movies and TV
  • Making movies
  • Playing board games
  • Making board games
  • Doing scientific experiments
  • Experiencing the great outdoors in unique ways
  • Going to live theatre
  • Going to art galleries
  • Taking art classes
  • Anything and everything else

We are GEEKS and we are proud!